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If you’ve ever worked on any project, as a software engineer, you realize the importance of how the application looks just as much as its functionality and smoothness.

you’ve probably used some CSS Framework, perhaps you’ve used Bootstrap, or Semantic UI, or Materialize CSS, and don’t get me wrong, they’re all great. each framework has its pros and cons. but today I really want to talk about Tailwind CSS, mainly because it’s quite recent, it was released in 2017.

I’ve used almost all of the CSS frameworks I’ve listed here, and to summarize it, without a doubt — Tailwind is…

In the last blog post, I cover the basics of Context API and Redux, what each one is, their pros and cons.

today I’ll dig deeper and explain when should we use Context API, when should we use Redux, and how.

So, when should we use Context API?

  • if you don’t want to use an external library and deal with a relatively big boilerplate in order to set up redux.
  • If the main problem of your app is a way to avoid Prop drilling.
  • if your components state is not too complex and if your general app is not too…

Before we discuss the pros and cons of Redux and Context, we need to understand each one.

This is such a deep, wide subject, I have decided to split it into two parts.

in this part, we’ll discuss what each one is, and the pros and cons of each one.

and in the part, we’ll dig deep with examples so we can understand them better.

let's start with the what. what exactly is React Context API?

The React Context API is an intelligent function for a React app that was added in version 16.3 of React to effectively produce global…

In react, there are two ways in which you can render Components.

The first one is a Class Component, that looks roughly like that:

see live code

And the second one is the Functional Component, which looks like that:

In case you are not aware or don’t know, let’s get you up to speed.

Axios is a lightweight library that lets you make HTTP requests

a simple HTTP request using Axios would look like that:


Fetch, is a native Javascript API function that does “roughly” the same thing. i.e you can make the same HTTP request.

a simple HTTP request using Fetch would look like that:


It looks very similar. so what’s the difference? why there’s big debate over these two?

Well, there’s a distinct difference between them.

The main difference is, Axios performs automatic transforms of…

but before anything, let me explain what is REST routes.

REST (which stands for REpresentational State Transfer) provides a consistent pattern to use in structuring routes.

Okay, cool.

but why should I bother using it?

Following RESTful patterns makes it easier for developers to create and maintain routes and easier for users to understand what’s happening as they use a web application.

So, now that we know what is RESTful routes, and why we should use them,

we can move on.

Think about it, if we didn’t implement some pattern to our routes, where would we be?

Would you notice…

We have all received an email, saw an ad, heard from someone, or just saw somewhere some Bootcamp that promises to get you from anything to a “job-ready” software engineer that makes 100k+ in 12 weeks.

And, I’m pretty sure we have all thought about it. Many of us have tried it. Many failed as well, many succeeded as well, but I would like to say something about it, a glimpse of my experience and what I think of it.

When I started the Bootcamp, I had no experience. The closest I got to programming was the shutdown command on…

I have so much to say about react and redux, both good and bad, I am not sure where to start.
Is redux amazing? Hell yeah, is it complicated until it sinks in? You bet!
Does react feels like the future of programming? Absolutely.

Since I was unsure where to start, I figured it is best to start with why redux was necessary for my project.
From the very first project, i was obsessed with user-based websites. …

I have finished the fourth project in my online bootcamp, this project was very little backend, it focused on front — end for the most part. a single page web app.

I had to brainstorm quite a lot what i actually want to do, since, me, as a person, if i am not passionate about the project, i will not do my best, which quickly escalates to nothing good. at least, that is my perspective.

a few weeks ago i needed to make a shopping list, i am sure we have all been there, one way or another. …

Rails project- Moviez!

I recently finished my third project so far in Flatiron school,

Rails was as hard as it was easy, because it comes with a lot of built in mechanics that helps the developer, but in order to fully understand them, you have to really dig in.

I built a simple movie database app utilizing a free api called OMDB, where you can sign up either the traditional (Email, name, password) or via Google(more modern, safe way).

I think that the hardest part wasn’t coding, or even wasn’t the associations between models. i think the hardest, catchiest part…


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